Sample of a horizontal descendants chart: Charles Lobban family of Glass Parish and haplogroup. Click to enlarge.

The pages attached below this page describe the various Lobban/Loban genealogies that we have been able to trace through written records, and those genetically connected through Y-DNA.

The “big picture” accounts with family histories and mapped family tree charts when possible, listed below, are still subject to revision as we learn more about the extent of the haplogroups:

The “mapped” trees on the pages listed above have the tree shrunk so that it can be conveniently seen all at once.   Please keep in mind that the groups apparent in any generation of each tree will change from generation to generation, as some branches end and others begin.  The most recent generation shown in each case  is somewhat arbitrary, but generally comprises people whose lives straddled the turn of the 20th Century. The point here is not to define groups, but rather to identify significant branch points that Lobbans starting to research their own ancestry will recognize. If there are genealogists within the branches who feel that corrections should be made, I stand ready to update based on your advice.

The original horizontal family trees can be accessed at the links below. Most are big pages that may still need downloading for further magnification. The information there includes only names and dates of birth and death. Daughters’ husbands are included but only the male lines followed in order to keep the tree readable, as explained more fully on the Rothiemay Area Lobbans page.


Other lines known so far, still to be written up (and we may well find more):

      • Inverness/Black Isle area Lobbans

Under each of these groups we hope to add particular family stories, and we are seriously looking for Lobban genealogists to help with this big task, so if you have created a tree for your family and would like to contribute a synopsis of the Lobbans in it, please contact me.  You have the stories, I only have the statistics!


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