Gordon Lobban’s data

Gordon Lobban’s datasets

Data are in four Excel spreadsheets as described below; all contain only Lobban. Each file can be downloaded by clicking the link in the heading.


Screen shot of the top left corner of Gordon’s Index.xslx spreadsheet. Click to enlarge.

The first, index.xlsx, is my master index in which I’ve tried to group individuals into families.  I have not listed the surnames of the individuals because they are all Lobbans.  There are no Lobans or any other variations of the name. I do have data on variants but I’m holding those back for now.

The first column, headed B# (birth number), is a number that I have assigned to each birth for which I have a record.  B#s in the 9000s are implied from sources other than birth records.
There is also a column headed PM# (parents marriage number).  Like the birth number, this is a number that I have assigned to each marriage for which I have a record and M#s in the 9000s are implied from sources other than marriage records.
D#s (death numbers) are similarly derived.
The final such number that you will find in the index, is a ‘group number’, G#. This is a number I have given to groups of families that are related.  I am in group 0.
Columns AA–AG, headed with census years (may appear as ###), indicate the number that I have assigned to each individual in each census.  They are primarily Scottish censuses, but there are also a few English ones.  These have E numbers.  These data are far from complete.

Census data Scotland 1841 through 1901, England  1861 through 1901

Screenshot of part of Gordon’s Scotland Census file. Click to enlarge.
Census files contain all the Lobbans in the 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91 and 1901 censuses for Scotland and England. I’m currently adding data to the Scottish file and you may see that the parts that I have been updating are not highlighted.  Originally, I only had Lobbans listed, so any entries (and there are lots) where the surname is blank refers to a Lobban.  As I’ve been adding data recently I have been including non-Lobbans at the same address if they are related.  I have not included unrelated servants or lodgers.
GROS = General Register Office for Scotland.


Gordon’s birth, marriages and deaths worksheets. Click to enlarge.
Hatches_matches_dispatches.xlsx, contains three separate worksheets relating to births, marriages and deaths.  I think the columns in these worksheets are all self explanatory.  Highlighted B#s, M#s and D#s mainly indicate that I have the ‘image’ files for that event.  Some cells may be highlighted for other reasons.  They would have been highlighted because I was working on a link, but as I don’t think I’ve done anything for over ten years, the reason they are highlighted is long forgotten.
Please remember that all the files are works in progress.

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