Glass Area Lobbans

Glass Area Lobbans

For now there are just the beginnings of accounts of the families who originated in Glass Parish.  I had initially thought to summarize the various family lines for each parish, but many families moved about from parish to parish over the generations. I now plan to summarize major family branches once we have them connected by DNA, as I have done for the Rothiemay Area Lobbans.  At least two lines originate from Glass, and I hypothesize that they are genetically connected. We hope to be able to identify their haplogroup in the near future.

Accounts on this website:

“The Lawless Lobbans of Glass” – a series of newspaper articles from 1969 about James Lobban (1791–1879) and his sons.

Alex & Mgt Lobban in NSW — accounts of Alexander Lobban (1802–1865) and his family, who became esteemed pioneers in Australia after he was transported for forgery.


External resources on Glass Parish:

Godsman, James. Glass, Aberdeenshire: The story of a parish. (1970). Alex. P. Reid and Son, Aberdeen.

[Old] Statistical Account of Scotland, vol. 19, pp. 385–393 (1797) and the New Statistical Account, vol. 13, pp. 199–203 (1845). (Links are to the index pages for each entire work.)


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