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Inverness Lobans was started from births in the OPR list for Inverness and surrounding parishes but then followed down through Ancestry hints.

Miramichi Lobbans was similarly developed from hints as an attempt to trace the Lobbans living in the Chatham area of New Brunswick, Canada back to Scotland.


Stephanie Logan Falls’ tree “Logan Family” traces descendants of John Lobban of Hiltoun, Glass, Banffshire (her ancestor) (Moray Lobbans) and Thomas Loban “in Braetown, Mortlach” (ancestor of DNA donor #3) (Glass Area Lobbans), respectively:



Raphaël Pautasso’s tree “Labans of Tholen, Zeeland” traces the Dutch descendants of William Loban.



Linda Lausch’s tree “Robertson family” traces descendants of Thomas Loban in the Miramichi region of New Brunswick, Canada (probably Moray Lobbans).



Melissa Wright’s “Wright Family tree”  traces the descendants of Edward A. Lobban in the Miramichi region of New Brunswick, Canada.



Mary Mead’s tree “Forbes-Martin”. Earliest ancestor William Lobban (b. ca. 1655, m. Elspet George).  Most recent connection to William and Bathia tree (Rothiemay Area Lobbans): Margaret Elizabeth Lobban (1878-1915). Principal emigrant ancestor: George Forbes (1902–1965) (to Australia).



Anthony Wilcocks’ tree “John Logan (formerly Loban).”  Earliest known ancestor John Loban m. More Glass. Most recent connection to R and Crom Duthil Lobans tree: John Loban (1776– ). Principal emigrant ancestors: brothers John (1839–1897) and Alexander (1837–1882) Logan (to South Africa).



Trevor Urwin’s tree “T J Urwin 2 May 2018 Urwin.”  Earliest known ancestor William Lobban (b. 1717, Drumblade, Huntly). Most recent connection to Drumblade & Loanend Kinnoir tree (Rothiemay Area Lobbans): Augusta Amelia Lobban (1901–1972).





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