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1881 Census and family trees (embedded html table)

This table, compiled by Sydney Lobban, includes all the Lobbans and Lobans in the 1881 Scotland and England Censuses, along with links to all the family trees he created.

OPR Baptisms and Marriages (xls file to download)

Stephanie Logan’s list, created from LDS microfilms, gives Loban/Lobban baptisms and marriages recorded across all Scotland in the extant protestant parish records. Special features are that she noted the farm and the baptism witnesses. Some additional names, especially where a Lobban was a witness.

Gordon Lobban’s Data (xlsx files to download)

Index comprises a list of all Lobbans (not Lobans) found in the OPR, including dates of birth/baptism, marriage and death (dates parsed into separate columns). Each life event is numbered for cross reference (in the set of pages in hatches_matches_dispatches) and the numbers are included in the index, along with the censuses in which the individual appears.

Censuses include lists of all Lobbans in Scotland Censuses 1841-1901 and England 1861-1901. He has started to add other names if related (e.g., married daughters) and this work is ongoing.

Other Censuses (xlsx files to download)

Census data summarized on the Frequency and Distribution page of this web site. Data extracted by C.S. Lobban from records presented through, searching for Lobban and Loban. Data include links to each record as supplied in the Ancestry search results.

Lobban and Loban in 1901 Scotland Census

Lobban and Loban in 1911 England Census

Lobban and Lobban in 1939 England Register

Besides his 1881 census data, Syd Lobban also picked through all the other censuses from 1841 to 1911, trying to identify each person to someone in his trees.  This file in xlsx format is his working spreadsheet with some 3000 records; he supplied it with this caveat: “prepared for my own use, so do not expect too much.”

Syd Lobban census analyses 1841-1911

Syd Lobban Collection of Trees indexes (embedded html tables)

You can  access the indexes to all 15,000 public (dead) people in Syd Lobban’s Collection of 26 Family Trees (which allows you to search for wives names, very helpful when trying to find one of the 200 Alexander Lobbans!), or just the 2,500 Lobban/Lobans. Data include one name field, a birth date and place field, death date and place field, and the tree where the person can be found.



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