Other censuses

1. Distribution data from Censuses other than UK 1881

Below are links to the census data summarized on the Frequency and Distribution page. Data extracted by C.S. Lobban from records presented through Ancestry.com, searching for Lobban and Loban. The files are Excel .xlsx format and can be viewed after downloading. Data include links to each record.

Lobban and Loban in 1901 Scotland Census

Lobban and Loban in 1911 England Census

Lobban and Loban in 1939 England & Wales Register

2.  Lobban/Loban families in other Censuses, linked to their family trees

Syd Lobban census analyses 1841-1911  Besides his 1881 census data, Syd Lobban also picked through all the other censuses from 1841 to 1911, trying to identify each person to someone in his trees.  This file in xlsx format is his working spreadsheet with some 3000 records; he supplied it with this caveat: “prepared for my own use, so do not expect too much.”

Syd Lobban’s analysis of Lobban and Loban in 1939 England & Wales Register, with family tree annotations. (Forthcoming)


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