Marnoch Area Lobbans

Marnoch Area Lobbans (PF3667)

This family occurred, during parish record years, in a string of Banffshire parishes from Boyndie to Inverkeithny, where they were the predominant Lobban family (yellow on the map), and in Rothiemay (Banffshire), Huntly and Forgue (Aberdeenshire), where there were other Lobban branches, especially the Rothiemay Area Lobbans (red on the map).  Genetically, this family tree is a branch of the Banffshire Lobbans, ancestral to the Rothiemay Area Lobbans, with a most recent common ancestor born probably around 1500.

Distribution map of main NE Scotland Lobban family branches. Base map from ANESFHS. Data overlay by C.S. Lobban. The numbers are percentages and totals of Lobban births (baptisms) in the parish from parish records, i.e., through 1854. Click to enlarge.

The family tree begins with John Loban (1710– ), m. Anna Milne, but the branch that continues through to the present begins with their son William Loban (1732- ) = Margaret Reburn (1732- ) shifts back and forth between Marnoch and Rothiemay parishes in the early days.  William was born at Kinnairdy, Marnoch,  but their children were born at Retanach and other farms in Rothiemay.  The full-scale tree can be seen at this link. A small annotated version is shown and described below. (This style of tree diagram is explained on the Rothiemay Area Lobbans page, which was the first of these analyses.)

The structure  can be seen in the 5th generation (equivalent to the 9th generation of the Rothiemay Area Lobbans, i.e., ending with people who died in the early 20th Century). William and Margaret’s son Alexander (b. 1759 at Retanach farm, Rothiemay), m. Isobel Leslie had three sons with descendants to the 5th generation, viz., Alexander (1775, Inchcorsie, Rothiemay), George (1778, Retanach, Rothiemay), and James (1787, Inchcorsie). But although the tree as we know it is based entirely on the descendants of only one of William and Margaret’s 4 boys, we must mention Joseph (1767–1820), born in Mayen, Rothiemay, who died in Jamaica, where he was a plantation owner in the waning days of slavery in the British Empire. The many Jamaican Lobbans are descendants of slaves who were likely named after him or his brothers/nephews(?)…with perhaps an occasional genetic connection? (details).

William Lobban-Margaret Reburn descendants to 5th generation, based on Syd Lobban’s trees.

Alexander Lobban (1775– ), m. Elizabeth Wilson (he also had a ‘natural’ daughter by Jane Simson).  One of their grandsons was John Lobban (1857–1949), m. Elizabeth Elwood; a brief account of John’s military career and subsequent married life in Beccles, England is told on the Emigrants to England page. Their son Clifford John Lobban (1897–1918) was killed in WW1 and one of their granddaughters was British physiologist Dr. Mary Constance Cecile Lobban (see Public Eye).

Alexander 1775 = Elizabeth Wilson part of tree. From Syd Lobban’s Rothiemay & Rathven tree.

George Lobban (1778– ), m. Elspet Skene. George (1778-1824) was born at Retanach, but George’s children with Elspet Skene were born in Marnoch. Of these, George Lobban (1799–1878) =  Isabella Joss, both born in Marnoch, had 8 children in Marnoch from 1833–1848, at Elrick, Redford, and Aberchirder. They were recorded at Redford on the 1841 Census. George died at Myreside, Marnoch in 1878.  Son John Lobban (1844–1904), m. Catherine Beagrie had a  son, John Philip Lobban (1883–1970), born in Aberchirder, a tailor, emigrated in 1910 to Cambridge, Massachusets, USA, where he married another Scottish immigrant, Mary Mitchell. Two of his sisters also emigrated to the US: Catherine (1914 to Boston) and Elspet (1920 to E. Lansing, MI).
Descendants of George and Elspet’s son James Lobban (1806–1857), a “minister, schoolmaster and poet who lived sometime in the Skene District,” married Anne Fowler, include Gustavus Taylor-Loban (1877–1917), a World War 1 pilot who died in a flying accident in Scotland. This spelling of the name was used by Gus’ father Robert Alexander Taylor Loban (1852–1912), who had moved to London (details); the hyphenation was added by Gustavus.

George Lobban’s part of Lobban-Reburn family tree. From Syd Lobban’s collection.

James Lobban (1787–1857), m. Christian Cameron were recorded at Culvie on the 1841 Census with their youngest daughter and two grandchildren, while their son Alexander Lobban, 23-yr old agricultural laborer, was at Old Crombie. There are three groups within their descendants at the 5th gen., from sons James (1813–1899) and twins Alexander (1818–1900) and William (1818–1911).  James  had a long life and many children, among them Alexander Lobban (1891–1916), son of Mary Allan, who was killed in action at The Somme (WW1).  Alexander, with Helen Morrison, had (1)  William Lobban (1855–1936), m. Annie Oakes (and later Maria Diehl) and (2) Alexander Lobban (1850), m. Catherine Edward, parents of the prominent Civil Engineer Charles Henry Lobban, DSc, FPSE, FKC, M Ins C E (1881–1963) (see Public Eye); (3) Alexander (1818) with Elizabeth Christie had  John Russell Lobban (1875– );  William and John both emigrated to Canada (Emigrants to Canada).   William Lobban  by his wife Mary Simpson had James Stuart Lobban (1853–1933), m. Mary Strachan, who emigrated to Queensland (Emigrants to Australia).


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