Time Line from FTDNA

Time line of JFS0275 descendants ((c) FTDNA), annotated with group names. See text.

The new tool in FTDNA analysis shows most likely origin times of each haplogroup, with large error bars. It shows essentially the same tree that C. Lobban and J. Sloan have developed on this site (latest below) and confirms the origin of JFS0275 about the time of the Norman conquest of England, and the split between Holmes and Lobban before surnames (JFS0275 dated yo early 1200s CE).

However, two caveats: (1) Because it shows only identified haplogroups, it omits the groups for which we have only one Y-DNA donor (e.g., the Logan line within the Moray Lobbans). (2) It shows the time to earliest common ancestor of the donors, so that, for example, the Laban line seems to originate in the late 1800s when we know (from the name change of the progenitor) that it began in the early 1600s, descendants of William Loban who married into Zeeland families.  There is still no resolution of the origins of the four main Lobban branches from JFS0277.


Lowland Lobbans and families related before origin of surnames, tree as of Dec. 2022. Details on the Lobban motif page.


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