Naracoorte Lobbans

 The Lobbans of Naracoorte, South Australia

As noted on the Emigrants to Australia page, John Lobban (1824–1892),  m. Margaret Gaudie, both from Cullen (RothiemayArea Lobbans) sailed from Liverpool on 8 July 1854 on the SS Indian Ocean, with their son John (1850–1923) and daughter Isabella, arriving at Portland Bay in Victoria on 6 Oct. They settled in Naracoorte, S.A., about halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Family tree of Naracourte Lobbans in South Australia, from Syd Lobban’s trees. Click images to enlarge.

The following account and images are from a presentation prepared by Marjorie Ahrens for a family reunion in 2002 and are posted here with  permission of her nephew, Malcolm John Lobban.

John Lobban (Sr.), fifth child of William Lobban (1790–1881) and Isabella Donaldson (1791–1871), was born on 2 Apr. 1824 at Cullen, Banffshire, Scotland. On 15 Nov. 1849, aged 25 years, he married Margaret S. Gaudie, aged 30 years, at Cullen. Four children from this marriage survived, John (Jr..), born 30 Oct. 1850, Isabella Cullen, born 2 Jul. 1853, and twins, Margaret and Annie, born 14 Dec. 1859. John, aged 29 years, with his wife, Margaret, aged 34 years, son John (Jr.) aged 3 years and infant Isabella Cullen sailed on the ship “Indian Ocean”, departing Liverpool, England on 8 Jul. 1854 and arriving at Portland Bay, Victoria on 6 Oct. He went to Hamilton, Victoria, as a builder and carpenter and in about 1867 moved to Naracoorte where he developed an extensive building, contracting and ironmongery business. John was an enterprising and upright man whose word was his bond. After six days of illness John died of apoplexy on 11 Oct. 1892, aged 68 years, and was buried in the Naracoorte cemetery.

John Lobban Senior’s shop in Naracoorte.

Isabella (Isobel) Cullen McIntyre (nee Lobban) married Duncan McIntyre in 1896, aged 43 years, . There were no children from this marriage.  She died on 26 Jul. 1926, aged 73 years, and was buried in the new Melbourne cemetery.

Margaret (Maggie) Douglas (nee Lobban) was born  14 Dec. 1859 in Hamilton, Victoria, twin sister of Annie Lobban and daughter of John (sen.) and Margaret Lobban. On 25 Dec. 1888, aged 29 years, she married Alexander James Douglas, aged 36 years, a widower, in Naracoorte. Maggie died, aged 68 years, on 25 Jan. 1927. She was buried with niece, Elizabeth Stewart Lobban, on 27 Jan. 1927 in the Naracoorte cemetery. Maggie’s twin sister Annie died at the age of 25 years on 7 Dec. 1885 and was buried in the Naracoorte cemetery.

Margaret Lobban (1859-1888)

John Lobban (Jr.), was a carpenter and builder and worked with his father in Hamilton and later in Naracoorte. In about 1899 John was appointed as carpenter and builder on the South Eastern system of the Railways Department. John was married three times [see published letter about his first wife’s later exploits]. The first marriage to Annie Haggert was celebrated on 25 Jun. 1872, the second to Elizabeth Stewart Malcolm on 29 Jan. 1879 and the third to Maria Rebecca Perry on 29 Mar. 1905. There were three children from the second marriage, William John, George and Elizabeth Stewart, and three children from the third marriage, Grace Margaret Susan, James Douglas and Andrew Alexander.  John was an upright man, a first class trades-person and an accomplished exponent of the clarinet. On 8 Aug. 1923 John died; he was buried in the Naracoorte cemetery.

John Lobban, Jr. (1850–1923)
Naracoorte Band. Date unclear but probably 1898. If this newspaper photo was taken at the event in 1928, the clarinet player would not likely be John Lobban, but it may be a historical photo showing a younger John.
George, William John and Elizabeth Stewart Lobban, the children of John Jr. with his second wife, Elizabeth Stewart Malcolm.
William John Lobban (1880–1943).
William Lobban and Jean Thompson at wedding, 25 Sep. 1907.


William (Will) John Lobban (1880–1943), the eldest son of John (Jr.) and Elizabeth Stewart Lobban was born on 3 Feb. 1880 in Naracoorte. He was 27 years of age when he married Jean Crawford Thomson, on 25 Sep. 1907. Will was a baker. In 1908, he went to Richmond, Victoria, to live and work there. His daughter, Thyra, was born in 1915 at Charlton, Victoria. Will was a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church and served as a deacon at St. Andrews Church, Naracoorte from 1889–1906, Sunday School teacher from 1907–1908 and elder from 1927–1943. He founded the “League for Young Worshippers.”  Will died  20 Apr. 1943, aged 63 years, and was buried in the Naracoorte cemetery.
Jean Crawford Lobban (nee Thomson) was born on 9 Apr. 1883, at Sunnybrae, Bordertown, She was a milliner.  She was a faithful member of the Presbyterian church, a member of the Ladies Guild and sang in the choir.  Jean supported numerous committees. She was secretary of the Naracoorte Benevolent Society for many  years.  She was a proud housekeeper, an excellent cook and her afternoon teas were served with all the ceremonies.   After Will’s death she continued to live in their rented home in Robertson Street, Naracoorte. She died on 3 Apr. 1961, aged 77 years, and was buried in the Naracoorte cemetery.

Thyra Lobban (1915–1999).

Thyra Lobban, daughter of William and Jean Lobban trained as a nurse at Mount Gambier and then in midwifery at the Salvation Army Hospital, Melbourne. Thyra nursed at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital for many years, living in the nurses home. In latter years, she purchased a unit  in a retirement village in Kew, Victoria. She died on 3 Sep. 1999, aged 84 years, in Melbourne.

George Lobban (1881–1940).

George Lobban (1881–1940), second son of John (Jr.) and Elizabeth Stewart Lobban was born on 8th October 1881 in Naracoorte. At 31 years of age he married Mary Ellen Kay Nash (Nell) at St. Cuthberts church, Prospect on 9 Nov. 1912.  A daughter Ila Maxine was born 26 Sep. 1913 and survived only 4 days.  George and Nell adopted Norman.  George, a carpenter and builder and was employed in building the homes of Howard & Grace Flint (nee Lobban), and James Douglas and Rita Lobban. He was a foundation member of the Freemasons Lodge  and a member from 1925 –1940. He died on 7 Apr. 1940,  aged 58 years and was buried in the Naracoorte cemetery.

Elizabeth Stewart Lobban (1884–1924).

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Stewart Lobban, daughter of John Lobban (Jr.) and Elizabeth Stewart Malcolm, was born on 2 Nov. 1884 at Mount Gambier.  She was named after her mother, who died on 4 Nov.  1884, aged 27 years.    She worked as a governess at Limestone Ridge and was an accomplished pianist. She died on 6 Sep. 1924, aged 39 years, and was buried in the Naracoorte cemetery.

John Lobban (Jr.) and Maria Rebecca Perry on their wedding day, 29 Mar. 1905.
Maria Rebecca Perry (1865–1939).

Maria Rebecca Lobban (nee Perry), second daughter of James Douglas Perry and Margaret S. Perry (nee Wauchope) was born on 6 Mar. 1865 at Goolwa, S.A. She lived with her parents, sister Grace and five brothers on Hindmarsh Island. The family moved to Stewarts Range and it was here that she nursed two brothers who had contracted tuberculosis. She also cared for an aging father, until his death. On 29 Mar. 1905, Maria, aged 40 years, married John  Lobban Jr., aged 54 years, in the Presbyterian Church, Kew. There were three children from this marriage, Grace, Douglas and Alec. After John’s death, in 1923, she continued to live in the family home until her health failed when she went to live with her daughter, Grace, at Kingston in March 1939. She died on 28 Oct. 1955, aged 90 years, from a heart attack and was buried in the Kingston cemetery.

Grace Margaret Susan Lobban (1906–1981), late 1920.

Grace Margaret Susan Lobban, eldest child of John (Jr.) and Maria Rebecca Lobban, was born on 9 Jan. 1906 at Naracoorte. She was educated at the Presbyterian Sabbath School and Naracoorte High School. Grace trained as a teacher and taught at  the Kingston S.E.  primary school from 1926–1933.  At 28 years of age she married Howard Cook Flint, aged 45 years, and went to live on a farm four miles out of Kingston. There were two children from this marriage, Marjorie Susan and Elspeth Clare. After Howard’s death in 1958, Grace went to live in  Kingston. She was actively involved in the Methodist Church, supported community organizations and often helped people in crisis. She died on 30th January 1981 after a short illness and was buried in the Kingston cemetery.

James Douglas Lobban (1907–1964).

James Douglas Lobban (1907–1964), second child of John (Jr.) and Maria Rebecca Lobban, was born on 20 Sep. 1907, at Naracoorte. On 16 Feb. 1938 when he was 30, Douglas married Rita May Norris, aged 23 years. There were two sons from this marriage, John Gilmore and David Douglas. In 1940 Douglas joined the R.A.A.F. and rose in rank to Sergeant. After World War II he worked at Dalgety’s until he purchased a dairy and sheep farm at Hynam. Douglas was a member of the Masonic Lodge. His favourite pastime was fishing. He died on 11 Jan. 1964 aged 56 years and was buried in the Naracoorte cemetery

Andrew Alexander Lobban (1910–1976).
Andrew Alexander Lobban and Nancy Dell Digby, wedding, 13 Jun. 1934

Andrew Alexander Lobban  (1910–1976), third child of John (Jr.) and Maria Rebecca Lobban, was born on 4 July 1910, at Naracoorte. From the age of 14 years, Alec worked on several properties in the South East, including ‘The Pines”, “Limestone Ridge” and “Comung”. On 13 June 1934, Alec, aged 23 years, married Nancy Dell Digby. There were four children from this marriage,  Elizabeth Nancy,   Margaret Grace,  Ian Alexander,  and William David.   In 1945 Alec purchased a fruit block at Monash which he later sold for a larger block near Berri. Alec enjoyed a wide range of interests including working with horses and was actively involved in many community organizations. He was proud of his Scottish heritage and played the bagpipes. On 20 June 1976, Alec died of a heart attack, aged 65 years, and was buried in the Berri cemetery.

Alec Lobban in Scots pipers’ attire, 1963.



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