Coat of Arms

Family coat-of-arms, a.k.a. family crest

Although “family” coats-of-arms have no heraldic status (authentic coats-of-arms having been granted to individuals and passed down only to heirs), Burke’s General Armory (3rd ed. 1851, p. 616, 4th ed. 1884) listed the coat-of-arms for Loban as:  “Gules, a lion passant or, on a canton argent a key paleways sable.  Crest— a dexter arm in armor embowed, holding a tilting-spear proper.”  This is correctly shown in the following painting.

Update (Nov. 2020). We established in correspondence with  both the Lord Lyon of Scotland and the College of Arms in England that no coat-of-arms was ever registered to anyone by the name of Loban or Lobban. I believe that leaves us free to accept and use this design from Burke’s General Armory, whatever its origin, as a “family crest.”


Page by Chris Lobban, created 12 July 2018, last edited 20 Nov. 2020