OPR Baptism and marriage records

The attached spreadsheet was prepared by Stephanie Logan Falls.

Sample of Stephanie’s database of OPR baptisms and marriages. Click image to enlarge.

Lists Loban/Lobban baptisms and marriages recorded across all Scotland in the extant protestant parish records (from the LDS microfilms). File is in Microsoft Office xls format.  Special features are that she noted the farm and the baptism witnesses, when given in the record, and included christenings in other families that were witnessed by a Loban.

Records range from late 1600s to mid-1800s; the exact years covered vary from parish to parish.  The data are organized in two ways on different spreadsheets: sorted by date and sorted by parish.  Stephanie included all the farm info, witnesses, etc. present in the record, which cannot be seen in Scotland’sPeople searches unless you pay to view the page. She standardized the Loban/Lobban ambiguity as Loban.

Caveat emptor — Stephanie prepared it for her own purposes with The Logan DNA Project. She shared it with me and I have fiddled with it in using it for my purposes, and now we share it publicly.  If you use it, let us know what you discover.

Loban baptisms and marriages Scotland


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