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See also notes on William Loban (1596–aft. 1637) who went with his regiment to Holland in 1620 and settled there; and Archibald Lobban (1817–1866).

Scottish mercenaries in the 1630’s. Scottish mercenaries, assumed to be men of Mackay’s Regiment landing in the Baltic port of Stettin in 1630 or 1631. This print is regarded as the earliest surviving depiction of Highland dress. The original caption states, “They are a strong and hardy people who survive on little food. If they have no bread, they eat roots [turnips may be intended]. When necessary, they can cover more than 20 German miles in a day’s forced march. [1 German mile = 4¾ English miles!] Besides muskets, they carry bows, quivers and long swords.” Source: G Köler –

Posted by Chris S. Lobban 1 May 2019