Rothiemay haplogroup people

Notes on the main branches of the Rothiemay area Lobbans (BY227100)

The Rothiemay area Lobbans is a genetically-related group (i.e., haplogroup) (technically identified as R-BY227100) within the NE Scotland Lobbans haplogroup (R-JFS0275).  The branches with connections documented by records all lead back to Andrew Loban, b. abt 1590, through one of his five grandsons (see diagram below). The Knabbygates line connection is inferred from the DNA connection between donors #1 and #7 and is postulated to occur earlier than the five grandsons, perhaps via one of Andrews unknown sons, as explained in another page. Also explained there is that the evidence for the name of this patriarch is uncertain, but even if the name is different, the structure is the same.  This page summarizes the several family lines within this group, based on my catalog descriptions of trees in the Syd Lobban Collection.

I have patched together the lines of descent listed below, using Family Tree Maker, and hoping that it did it’s job properly. I cut off at 9 generations to avoid including any living people. If there questions as you use it, please let me know. The definitive tree remain Syd’s set as catalogued. The composite tree is on my MyHeritage: Rothiemay Lobbans tree, along with the originals.  I also generated the Descendants Chart for Andrew Lobban, which is somewhat easier to look through (but 244 pp). I included all Syd Lobban’s notes. It is a large pdf (12MB), download here.


Top of the Rothiemay Lobbans haplogroup with putative patriarch Andrew Loban (ca. 1590), showing connections known from records and Y-DNA data to Mar. 2019.

“Drumblade & Loanend Kinnoir” tree   (entire tree is in BY227100)

The Loanend and Boginspro family lines effectively start  from Andrew’s grandson James  (b. 18 Mar 1660 in Forgue Parish), m. Margaret Pittendriech in Rothiemay 11 Aug 1692.  The most recent common ancestor between the two lines is James’ grandson, William  (b. 1717, Drumblade), m. Jean Stewart.  Their son Robert  (b. 1748, Huntly), m. Susan Cowie,  settled at Loanend and the family stayed there until at least their great grandson, William (1857–1913). William and Jean’s  grandson John (1777–1869, born in Boginspro), son of George  (abt. 1750), married  Ann Gibb. The records do not specify the farm for most of the descendants but Richard Lobban told me that they were at Boginspro for generations. Of course, many of the boys in each generation left home. There is a Lobban cemetary near Loanend farm.

Part of family tree showing the connection of the Loanend and Boginspro lines (MRCA William Lobban 1717)

On the Loanend side, three of the sons of John Lobban (1838–1910), m. Margaret Roy emigrated.  Peter McKay Lobban (1871–1913) m. Isabella Fenton emigrated to Canada in 1905 and was in Kingston, Ontario in 1911, but died in Portsmouth, NH, USA. His brother William Lobban (1873–1942) emigrated to the USA via Canada, was drafted into the US Army in 1917 and naturalized in 1919; he died in Pasadena, CA. Their brother Robert Lobban (1878–1961) m. Marion [Marshall] in London in April 1909 and emigrated to New South Wales, Australia in November that year. Their son, Flying Officer John Gordon Lobban, 423771, RAAF, was killed 29 Apr 1944 in a plane crash in Australia. Private John Lobban (1897-1917), son of fourth brother James Lobban and Mary Ann Mann, died of wounds in World War I.

Robert’s great grandson, Alexander Lobban (b. 1843, Huntly), who was accused of having a child with Ann Harper,  fled to Newcastle, England where he married Isabella Smith and founded a Lobban family in Sunderland (see Emigrants to England). A descendant of the illegitimate child with Ann Harper  (#11 in our DNA charts) recently used the DF89 test to show that the father was not a Lobban (see page on NPEs).

On the Boginspro side, George’s great grandson, John Lobban (b. 1845, Boginspro), m. Clementina Andrew, emigrated to Massachussetts, USA in 1883; their last three children were born there.

“William and Bathia” tree    (entire tree is in BY227100)

This tree  follows descendants of William Lobban (1655– , one of Andrew’s five grandchildren) & Elspet George’s son John Lobban (b. Quoir Mayen in Rothiemay, 1679), married Kathrin Sim and after her death Beatrix Simpson.

Family of John Lobban (1679–1738)

Among the descendants are  James Lobban (b. 1790, Cullen), m. Margaret S. McTavish, whose son Archibald Lobban (b. 1817, Deskford), m. Elizabeth Morrison, moved to Preston, England and son Kenneth Lobban (b. 1818, ) emigrated to Yackandandah, VIC, Australia (see Emigrants to Australia). Archibald was in the British Army and two of his children were born at Mediterranean postings – Corfu, Greece and Gibraltar – and in Ireland (see Emigrants to England).  The tree is named for William Lobban (b. 1822, Denhead of Portknockie), m. Bathia Garden. Five of their sons settled in Canada (James, John, Alex, and Charles) (see Emigrants to Canada). William’s brother and Kenneth’s 2nd cousin, John Lobban (b. 1824, Cullen), m. Margaret Gaudie, emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1839 (see Emigrants to Australia).

 “Rothiemay-Rathven” trees   [complex tree; check which lines are in BY227100; “Marnoch” Lobbans and who else?]

This is a large set of trees with deep roots, one of which is the top of the   Andrew Loban line.  John Lobban ( 1856–1932), m. Ann Mavor Paterson of Hopeman appear in both the Rothiemay & Rathven tree and the William & Bathia tree.  One of their sons died in Toronto, Canada in 1917, during the influenza epidemic (Emigrants to Canada). Three sons served in WW1 and one, John,  was killed (WW1).

The many descendants of William Loban (b. 1732 Marnoch) and Margaret Reburn are likely to be connected here; DNA test underway (see Marnoch families summary).  This branch is not yet shown in the tree or descendants chart.

Knabbygates tree    (entire tree is in BY227100)

I end with this branch, as it is my own and I have already posted a summary and a full account (see story).  In addition my uncle Alan Rudge’s manuscript (A History of Lobban full-text pdf), gives a wealth of detail, including 5 pages on life there in the 19th C. Its connection to Andrew Loban has been deduced from the DNA relationship with the Boginspro line (discussed here). Here I just want to sketch the outline in keeping with the other brief accounts here. The earliest reliably known ancestor is  William Lobban (b. ca. 1685 at Ternemny farm, Rothiemay), m. Isobel Adam, who was the man who signed the first tenancy for this home and steading and founded the Knabbygates dynasty. Although the first-born sons in this line stayed at Knabbygates for nearly 200 years, the other children had to seek their fortunes elsewhere, and missionary work took Rev. Alexander Lobban (b. 1847) the north of England to serve a displaced Scots shipbuilding community in Tyneside (see Emigrants to England). A branch of the family still lives in Hebburn. Rev. Alexander’s brother Joseph Lobban (b. 1857) and sister Isabella (b. 1856; m. William A. Howatt) emigrated to Minnesota, USA; his son William Herbert Lobban emigrated to New Zealand.

Prepared by Chris S. Lobban, published 10 Mar. 2019.