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April 2019

April 6 is Tartan Day. Don’t be put off by the genetic disconnect between the Lobbans and the MacLennans. We were adopted as a Sept; we’re part of the Clan. So if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

National Tartan Day in Guam (”Where America’s Day begins”)… no kilts, no pipes, just the webmaster and the Mrs. going to lunch.

Dec. 2018

New Y-DNA results suggest that there are likely to be multiple Y-DNA lines within the name, so that hypothesis 1 is not supported (i.e., it is unlikely that there is  just one haplogroup for all the NE Scotland Lobbans).

With permission of Scottish Provincial Press/Huntly Express, we have posted the full text of their 8 articles about the “Lawless Lobbans of Glass.”

Pages on the diasopra are under construction. So far an introductory page with statistics and brief accounts of emigrants to the USA and to England.

Nov. 2018

Added a page on World War II servicemen killed (see tab above).

We have added the full text of  Malcolm Lobban‘s unpublished book, The Scottish Surname LOBBAN (2008), and you can download the pdf here. We are adding excerpts from this book to appropriate places in the Genealogies section.

We have also added Alan (Lobban) Rudge‘s manuscript, A History of Lobban, which starts with a broad look at the early records and then focuses in on Rothiemay and particularly his ancestors at Knabbygates farm. You can download the pdf here.

Gordon Lobban joins us and has contributed several spreadsheets including an index of Lobbans grouped by family;  census data; and a work file of births, marriages and deaths (“hatches, matches and dispatches”). These are posted under the Data tab. They are the data files that underpinned his site in the early 2000s. He repurposed that site for his business, and has now closed his business and redirected that URL to this site. So, if you got here that way and are looking for descalers rather than family history, sorry, we have to ask you to search elsewhere.

Oct. 2018

We have completed uploading the Sydney Alexander Lobban Collection of Lobban/Loban Family Trees to  These are breifly described in a Catalogue on the Collection page.  We have also added a Master Index of all 15,000 people in the trees, and a separate table with the subset of the 2,500 Lobban + Loban surnames; these tables give name, birth date and place and death date and place (where known) and can be used to determine which tree has the selected individual.  Moreover, Syd  created a table from 1881 Census data that has each individual linked to the tree where he/she appears.


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