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March 2020

Colorized old photos. For those under orders to stay at home due to covid-19, MyHeritage is offering free colorizing of your photos. You have to be a user of MyHeritage, but you do not need to have a current subscription. I ran a few images through to see how it looked, and I think it’s not bad for the usually subdued or dark colors in old photos. I’ve posted the selection here, and if you want something else to occupy your confinement, find the original b/w images on this website and learn who these people are. No reward except your own satisfaction.

We have established that the Marnoch Lobbans are ancestral to the Rothiemay Area Lobbans within BY227100, which I have renamed Banffshire Lobbans. The Rothiemay Area Lobbans are now defined by haplogroup FT14993. The revised tree and notes about the structure within both Banffshire Lobbans and Moray Lobbans is posted under the Y-DNA update, March 2020, but I have also incorporated them in the Status Report, to bring it up to date. Pages on Rothiemay Area Lobbans and Marnoch Area Lobbans have been updated.

I have posted the mapped family tree for the Lobbans and Lobans of Glass, with notes on the branches.  This completes the analysis of the major branches within the four haplogroups. Navigate to them using the Genealogies tab or the list below. I have solved the problem of uploading the large files and all the major trees are now available. Most are big pages that will still need downloading for further magnification.

February 2020

Site map added to this page. Has all the submenu items shown so you can more quickly scan for what you are looking for. This should be especially helpful for the big Genealogies section.

Essay on Life and art of John Lobban added to  gallery of his art.

New Y-DNA results link the Virginia Lobbans to the Urquhart branch of the Moray Lobbans. Annotated tree added to the Moray Lobbans page.

January 2020

Account of the Lobbans of Naracoorte, South Australia

1620–2020:  400 years since the Mayflower landed in North America and William Loban (aka Willem Laban) landed in Holland.
Newspaper story about William Loban’s descendants (new).
Happy New Year to Lobbans and Lobans everywhere!


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If you would like to join the online dialog about Loban/ Lobban/ Logan ancestors before 1800s, please join the Pre1800sLogans page. The NE Scotland Lobbans belong to Limb 7 (see first invitation) and the Inverness Lobbans to Limb 3 of the Logan Project. The Yahoo Groups page is now inactive.

If you are working on a Lobban/Loban family tree and would like to contribute to the Genealogies section, please contact me on the form below. You have the interesting stories, all I have are the statistics!  If you see a synopsis that I have done, feel free to suggest additions or corrections. We also have a page with links to other Lobban/Loban trees (under the Genealogies menu), and would be happy to include yours if you wish.

If you would like to contribute a sample of Y-DNA to this project, please contact me on the form below. The DNA must come from a male and a Lobban, Loban, or other name that has traced his ancestors back to a Lobban/Loban in Scotland.

  • There is a new place where Lobans and Lobbans can connect: Jess Loban started the Loban & Lobban group at LinkedIn. If you have (or get) a profile on LinkedIn please join the group at    He describes it as a “Family group to connect Lobans and Lobbans across the world.”

If you are a Jamaican Lobban and wish to find out cheaply if you are genetically connected to the Scottish Lobbans  who were plantation owners in the slave days (more info), you can order a JSF0277 test from YSEQ (Germany) for about $US18. Negative = not related; positive = maybe, contact me on the form below.

If you want to explore the Scots language,  “Wee Windaes” from the National Library of Scotland is the place to go.  I recommend their “Whit is Scots?” page for a start, where they quote Robert Louis Stevenson: “Of a’ the lingo’s ever prentit, The braidest Scot’s the best inventit.”  And should you wish to send an auld family member a greeting in Scots, try Whoohoo’s Scottish Translator — but like any translation app, remember: caveat emptor! (That’s Scots for caveat emptor.)


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