March 2019

A haplogroup and a patriarch for the Rothiemay Lobbans: New DNA results allow us to connect several family trees. This is a major breakthrough! Key points below. Full story here.

  • There is a haplotype subgroup for the Rothiemay area Lobbans, R-BY227100.
  • The haplogroup links descendants of the Knabbygates and Boginspro families.
  • From paper records, the earliest known ancestor in this branch appears to be Andrew Loban, born about 1590 in the Rothiemay area.
  • All the Lobbans living in Rothiemay in the late 1600s were his descendants, implying that most if not all of those living there after the gap in parish records (1710-1748) are also related.
  • We are confident that the Loanend family line is part of this tree, as it has a known common ancestor with the Boginspro line; a DNA test is in progress.
  • We predict that the Marnoch families are part of this haplogroup, but there is no paper evidence; a DNA test is in progress.
  • We expect that other family trees may turn out to be part of this haplogroup.

Recently added: Summary of descendant lines; composite tree, and pdf of descendants chart available .


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If you are working on a Lobban family tree and would like to contribute a synopsis to the Genealogies section, please contact me. You have the interesting stories, all I have are the statistics!  If you see a synopsis that I have done, feel free to suggest additions or corrections. We also have a page with links to other Lobban/Loban trees (under the Genealogies menu), and would be happy to include yours if you wish.

If you would like to contribute a sample of Y-DNA to this project, please contact me.  The DNA must come from a male and a Lobban, Loban, or other name that has traced his ancestors back to a Lobban/Loban in Scotland.

If you are a Jamaican Lobban and wish to find out cheaply if you are genetically connected to the Scottish Lobbans  who were plantation owners in the slave days (more info), you can order a DF89 test from YSEQ (Germany) for about $US18. Negative = not related; positive = maybe, contact me. [The new BY227100 test will give a precise answer, since Joseph Lobban was in the Rothiemay area families. Will post when available.]


If you want to explore the Scots language,  “Wee Windaes” from the National Library of Scotland is the place to go.  I recommend their “Whit is Scots?” page for a start, where they quote Robert Louis Stevenson: “Of a’ the lingo’s ever prentit, The braidest Scot’s the best inventit.”  And should you wish to send an auld family member a greeting in Scots, try Whoohoo’s Scottish Translator — but like any translation app, remember: caveat emptor! (That’s Scots for caveat emptor.)


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