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September 2019

Phase 1 of the Y-DNA study is now complete; we present our proof-of-concept that Y-DNA can be used to connect the Lobban lines that do not quite meet in the parish records. I summarize the progress made in the various aspects of the project over its first year (here or under the Origins and History tab) and have updated some of the pages with the latest DNA information.

August 2019

  • I developed a distribution map of main branches of the NE Scotland Lobbans pre-1855. Details here, and under the Frequency & Distribution menu.
Distribution map of main NE Scotland Lobban family branches. Base map from ANESFHS. Data overlay by C.S. Lobban. The numbers are percentages and totals of Lobban births (baptisms) in the parish from parish records, i.e., through 1854. Click to enlarge.

May 2019

Story: James Lobban, Cameron Highlanders — eyewitness account of a battle in the Sudan, 1898.

April 2019

Y-DNA update:

  • We have revised the NE Scotland Lobbans origin hypothesis to proposing that it was one man, probably from Flanders, possibly in the early-mid 1400s, who went to Scotland and founded the NE Scotland Lobban clan.
  • We have identified the Inverness/Black Isle group in the R-L21 “Celtic” subclade of R1b, very remote from the NE Scotland Lobbans.
  • Posted a first version of the All-Lobban Deep DNA Tree, showing all the relationships known to date.

Left-to-right descendants chart shows major lines of descent in Rothiemay Area Lobbans haplogroup. The old “Marnoch” page has been revised and relocated; it too now has a “mapped” family tree.



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If you are working on a Lobban family tree and would like to contribute a synopsis to the Genealogies section, please contact me. You have the interesting stories, all I have are the statistics!  If you see a synopsis that I have done, feel free to suggest additions or corrections. We also have a page with links to other Lobban/Loban trees (under the Genealogies menu), and would be happy to include yours if you wish.

If you would like to contribute a sample of Y-DNA to this project, please contact me.  The DNA must come from a male and a Lobban, Loban, or other name that has traced his ancestors back to a Lobban/Loban in Scotland.

If you want online dialog about the Lobbans, please join the Pre1800sLogans Yahoo Groups page. The NE Scotland Lobbans belong to Limb 7 and the Inverness Lobbans to Limb 3 of the Logan Project. The Yahoo Groups page is for people wishing to discuss ancestors before 1800s.

If you are a Jamaican Lobban and wish to find out cheaply if you are genetically connected to the Scottish Lobbans  who were plantation owners in the slave days (more info), you can order a JSF0277 test from YSEQ (Germany) for about $US18. Negative = not related; positive = maybe, contact me.


If you want to explore the Scots language,  “Wee Windaes” from the National Library of Scotland is the place to go.  I recommend their “Whit is Scots?” page for a start, where they quote Robert Louis Stevenson: “Of a’ the lingo’s ever prentit, The braidest Scot’s the best inventit.”  And should you wish to send an auld family member a greeting in Scots, try Whoohoo’s Scottish Translator — but like any translation app, remember: caveat emptor! (That’s Scots for caveat emptor.)


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